Monday, 4 July 2016


David Broughton, the creator of the sci-fi horror adventure series Shaman Kane joins the awesome pod this week to talk about the series, his influences, the monetary side of self publishing and his experiences at shows like Lawgiver. Theres also LOTS of talk about 2000ad and its amazing fanzines, the Mighty Boosh and the anger inducing topic of people selling prints of major IP run through a photoshop filter. Plus Vince gloats over the result of a twitter poll, Dan announces some great goodies he's offering to retweeters and Tony catches up on the time he missed by talking about tons of comics!

Sunday, 29 May 2016


Above: Myself dtanding next to the Lawmaster Bike used by Karl Urban as Judge Dredd in the 2012 film DREDD.


Lawgiver, the world's only convention dedicated to Dredd fans! This convention has been created by the fans, for the fans. As a big fan of Dredd and a small press self-publisher I decide to attend my second Lawgiver convention. This is how my day went...
Saturday 28th May 2016.
4.30 AM: My day started with a full English breakfast and then a shower.
5.30 AM: I head off in my car which was pre-packed to Bristol.
7.30 AM: I arrive at the Hilton Double Tree hotel and the location of Lawgiver Mk3.
8.30 AM: I check in and meet Sue Haddrell who kindly shows me to the trading room.
8.35 AM: I choose a table and begin setting up. I say hellow to the wonderful Mike Allwood. 
9.00 AM: The doors open.
9.30AM TO 5.30AM: There are always a few people walking around the room taking a look and asking questions about my artwork.

Lawgiver Mk3 Photos:
Here are a few of the people who visited my table to buy my comic books...

Above: Pete arrives early (before putting on his Judges uniform) to pick up a copy of Shaman Kane Book one and two. He also chose his free original peice of artwork from Judge Dredd ' published in issue 16 of the 2000AD fanzine 'Zarjaz.

Above: It was a pleasure to catch up again with Paul Labelle who was kind enough to buy Shaman Kane books one and two +1 other book. If my memory serves correct he also chose the free Judge Dredd Bad Crop colour picture and the 'Word on the sked' original sketch. For those that have not read my free fan fiction Judge Dredd 'Bad Crop' and Judge Dredd 'Word on the Sked' here are some links to the free PDF files.

Above: Myself and Paul Labelle in his Brit-Cit Judges costume at Lawgiver Mk2 in 2015.

Above: Pete Wells, 2000AD Mega-Fan, Really nice bloke and as far as I'm concerned 'my friend' popped over for a chat also and picked up Shaman Kane Book 2. Thanks Pete.

Above: Colour Pic of me beside the Dredd bike very kindly taken by the wonderful Iz McCauliffe.

Above: Ewan (If I have your name wrong please contact me) comes over to pick up a copy of Shaman Kane Book one and two. He also chose his free original peice of artwork from Judge Dredd published in issue 15 of the 2000AD fanzine 'Zarjaz.  Thanks for popping over Ewan it was great chatting to you.

Above: The very pleasant Eamonn Clarke paid me a visit and picked up a copy of Martillo. Eamonn has just started a new pod cast called 'Mega City Book Club' which I recmmend and you can listen to via this link

Above: Ryan Blake who picked up some of my comic books last year very kindly came back again this year to buy Shaman Kane #2.  Great to see you again Ryan.

Above: Another convention visitor picked up a copy of Martillo + a free Dredd Head colour print. Hopefully he will be enjoying 52 pages of Spanish Devil-Smiting.

Above: It was good to meet up with Jonathan Baker again. I met Jonathan at last years Lawgiver convention and this year Jonathan was kind enough to buy all of my comic books. Thanks Jonathan, safe travels my friend and I hope you enjoy the comic books.

Above:  Had a great conversation with this kind chap (contact me with your name please) who picked up a copies of Shaman Kane books one and two + a free original Judge Hershey sketch. I Hope he will be enjoying 64 pages of Sci/fi Horror!

Above: My favourit photo of (from left to right) Phil (Dandontdare) Mr Stewart (Judge Stewart) Myself and one of the nicest people in the world Pete Wells.

Above: It was also great to see Gerrard Fagbemi again. Gerrard picked up copies of Shaman Kane Books one and two + an original piece of artwork from Judge Dredd ' published in issue 16 of the 2000AD fanzine 'Zarjaz.

Above: Last year Judge Fagbemi (Gerrard) and Judge Spike (Richard Thompson) paid a visit to say hello and check out my comic books. Thanks guys.

Above: Last but not least HedgeScout A.K.A. Judge Archer A.K.A. Marsha Law masquerading as Joanne Alexander popped over to my table to pick up some of my comic books and the free Original artwork + colour print of Marshal Law. I had a great chat with Joanne and her friends.

Conclusion. A massive special thanks goes to those that bought some of my comic books. 
It was great to see all the 2000AD forum people like 'Bad City Blue' and Dan Dont Dare. I had a great chat with Mathew, Lisa and Dotty. Thanks to Sue Haddrell and all the other helpers and organisers for doing such a great job. Also a big thank you to the Hotel staff who were amazing. Sorry if I missed anyone and see you all at a convention soon.

As I posted last year...Did I have fun, yes I did! Would I go again....HELL YEAH!

Last but not least.  I will be back at the Double Tree Hilton for the Bristol Independant Comic Expo on August 6th. The Expo has been organised my the Amazing Mike Allwood and more information on this event can be found by email here email 

Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Script: Joshua Spiller.  Artwork: David Broughton. Lettering: Bolt 01.

Read The Real Atlantis here:

Introduction: By Joshua Spiller.

The initial spur for 'The Real Atlantis' came from where it would be published: my new Tumblr blog. As I had my own platform, I figured I might as well use it for material that probably wouldn't fit

Friday, 8 April 2016


Script: Matt Sharp. Art: David Broughton. Lettering: Bolt 01.
Commissioned on: 28/04/14  Artwork Started: 07/05/14 
Finished on: 04/06/14  Published on: 01/06/15

Above: SD Agent McGinty provides a guided tour of the Dog house for the new recruits.

Introduction: First Day was my first script written by Matt Sharp, sent to me way back in

Tuesday, 1 March 2016


Above:  Johnny Alpha living life on the edge in Strontium Dog- No Choice At All by writer Lee Robson and artist David Broughton.

Above: Cover photo by Steve Green, featuring Matthew Simpson as Johnny Alpha and Kevin Horsham as Wulf Sternhammer from the upcoming Fan Film Search & Destroy.

Dogbreath #31 available to buy online here:

Sunday, 14 February 2016


Birmingham Comics Festival April 23rd.

Lawgiver MKIII May 28th.

Bristol Comic Expo August 6th.

I hope to add more convention dates that I can attend to the list over the coming months.
My online shop is here

Thursday, 24 December 2015


Script, Art & Lettering: David Broughton. Artwork Started: 08/06/15 Finished on: 15/09/15 Published online on: 01/12/15 Judge Dredd Bad Crop is not for profit fan fiction.
Judge Dredd created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra Copyright Rebellion.
ABC Warriors created by Pat Mills, Kevin O'Neill, Mike McMahon and Brendan McCarthy Copyright Rebellion.

Introduction: While trading at the Lawgiver 2 convention held in Bristol I was lucky enough to meet 2000AD forum members who told me that they had enjoyed my previous advent comic strips. I decided to draw another 25 page Judge Dredd story. After a week or so I came up with the idea for Bad Crop and began to write the story. As usual I write a page synopsis first. Then begin to flesh out the story. After that I start drawing up the rough page layouts.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Script: Mark Howard. Art: David Broughton. Lettering: Bolt 01.
Commissioned on: 06/01/15 Artwork Started: 08/02/15
Finished on: 03/03/15  Published on: 01/07/15

Above: Judge Dredd raining on yet another citizens parade.

Dave Evans otherwise known as 'Bolt 01' Editor of 2000AD fanzines Zarjaz and Dogbreath sent me a six page Judge Dredd script by independent comic strip writer Mark Howard.

Monday, 31 August 2015


Script: Mark Howard. Art: David Broughton. Lettering: Bolt 01.
Commissioned on: 06/09/13  Artwork Started:07/10/13
Finished on: 31/10/13  Published on: 02/11/14

Above: Johnny and Wulf on the trail once again.

Dave Evans otherwise known as 'Bolt 01' Editor of 2000AD fanzines Zarjaz and Dogbreath sent me this terrific ten page Johnny Alpha Strontium Dog script written by veteran indie script writer Mark Howard. I had worked on Mark's scripts before and was looking foward to getting my teeth into the artwork.

Friday, 28 August 2015


Above: Judge Death in WELCOME TO CARRRDEATH!

First things first. I would like to Apologise for lateness of this report...but better late than never huh? Thanks to Mike Allwood, the Cardiff Independent Comic Expo made a welcome return this year to a